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Newest Painting, Acrylic, 18x24 on Canvas

liz EmirzianComment

I started this with the intent on recording the process. As I started it, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. As I painted, I shifted features and changed things I had liked about it, having to go back and fix it. This led me on a spree of studying portraiture in acrylic and oil techniques, doing other paintings as practice and finally getting a hold of the things I was missing. I came to this final result, stepping away so I wouldn't completely wreck it as I had done a few times already. I am happy with it, and think it was a good first step in getting closer to a realistic style with acrylics. 

final painting trees.jpg

'Too pretty for words' progress

liz EmirzianComment

Working on this drawing that I started last summer, thought i'd be daring and actually finish it! This piece was representative of my thoughts at the time about women being used as decorative objects and not listening to them and giving real value to their thoughts and ideas. 

new pencil portrait web.jpg